Eva Gysling PCC, CEC, OLY

My extensive experience in Leadership, professional coaching, agile principles/practices, high-performance sport and much more will support you in becoming the authentic leader you want to be.

I take an individualized, people-centered approach and believe that you have many unique skills already that you can build upon so that you can then target them. One of my strengths is motivating others, but also myself. This is very helpful in overcoming your hurdles in the long run.


I am really dedicated my life to this space, coach leaders and leadership teams individually and passionately, applying my own experience in being coached, my broad knowledge of different coaching styles and extensive experience with agile principles and practices.

I help you to stay authentic in reaching your goals and to sustainably grow with your challenges.

I am a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) from Scrum Alliance , a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Group Coach from International Coach Academy (ICA). I use these approaches in my workshops and to actively coach leaders to develop a growth-mindset.  

I did my BSc and MSc (thesis focuses on how to combine sequential and agile way of working in the same product development ) from the Open University while working. My commitment and my strong ability to focus helped me a lot.

Since I have been actively anchored in the agile, leadership and coaching communities for a very long time, I can also draw on a broad network of diverse specialists when needed. I am also a member of the board of the Scrum Alliance D-A-CH Chapter "Your access to the German speaking Scrum - Community").

I have many years of experience as a top athlete in swimming. My heart, my joy, my will and my commitment have enabled me to participate in 3 Olympic Games. I have always emerged stronger from breaks due to injury. I have learned never to give up, to get up again and again and to go on. This was only possible thanks to the joy of the thing and the balance of the will. With doggedness it is not possible to be successful in sports or at work!

I live in Bern, Switzerland with my partner. I love spending time with friends and family. As someone who likes people, I value personal communication and interaction very much.

what do you get from working with me

I support you with accountability for what you are up to, treat you with lots of respect, help you stay motivated and fight for your goals - not doggedly but steadily. My goal is to support you in such a way that you will soon no longer need me. My positive attitude and charisma help you stay committed.

I would be very happy to support you with my broad experience on your way. Book a free, first session with me!

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Next Steps

Successful Leadership requires significant commitment and dedication on your part.  My commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support on your journey.