Where the name 'BLUE AGILE' comes froM

It is the combination of my two great passions.

The Blue comes from the water. In my youth I was a swimmer. I have particip

ated in many international competitions (including European and World Championships and even three Olympic Games). What I took away from that: the dedication, the joy for a cause and the perseverance that it takes to succeed and to try again and again when you haven't succeeded yet.

That time and those traits are as much a part of me as my enthusiasm for agile.

I came in contact with agility in 1999 and it excited me from the beginning. I successfully implemented agile projects and agile products with organizational units, the developers were motivated and the clients as well as the stakeholders were very pleased. Later, I supported companies on their way to agile organizations.

You can be very successful in agile if you use it correctly and, as in sports, keep analyzing the situation and making adjustments on an ongoing basis. It works.